Wichita Residential & Commercial Movers

When moving to a different area, one of your main goals is to have a smooth transition and transfer all your household items safely. We at Wichita Residential & Commercial Movers is here to serve you. We will assure you that we will provide you the best experience in moving. To make a seamless transfer, we have some tips that you can do before we do the moving process.

Wichita Residential & Commercial Movers

Complete your packing

- This can be a stressful process when packing up your belonging. Do this a few days before the day of the move. Make sure to label all the boxes to know what’s inside quickly. If you need help with the packing, you can always call Wichita Residential & Commercial Movers. During the packing process, also do an inventory of your goods. It will help you check the items when delivered to your new location.


Keep important items

- Among the items that you have, we know that you have valuable things to you. We advise you to set aside this, such as your jewelry, electronics like laptops, and most importantly, your documents or files.


Unplug everything

- Before leaving, it is also one of the essential tips to make sure that you have turned off everything. All the appliances plugged in, such as TVs, Desktop Computer, Stereos, washer, and dryer. Don’t miss out on this part to prevent any danger or damage to your house after moving.


Clean out your appliance

- In every household, we always see a different refrigeration type to keep frozen goods and make perishable last. Before moving, make sure that you have clean out your fridge. Includes defrosting and safely placed your interests in a different cooling appliance to avoid the goods from getting spoil. Do the defrosting 24 hours before the move.


Get Protected

- Wichita Residential & Commercial Movers is highly trained, and we make sure that our clients are protected since we handle all your items moving. Not to worry, we can provide you with options to get the insurance. Contact us!


Check the license

- As one of the services that we offer, we at Wichita Home Movers have the license to move to long-distance or interstate. Our company aims to provide you the best and seamless moving.


Work on the non-allowable items.

- Wichita Residential & Commercial Movers and other moving companies would not pack hazardous and perishable items. For frozen goods, you may consume this before the moving day. If you have some plants, you can have them as gifts to other family members or friends.

Document your items

- Aside from making an inventory, you can take photos of your items. It will also help you track down all your belongings.


Confirm the appointment

- This would also be a vital tip. Wichita Home Movers encourages you to call us to make the final briefing for the move, and we can discuss what to expect with the process.